Why should wedding photography be documentary photography ?

Do you want the story of your marriage day told in images or a mere visual report of events on the day? 

Photography has become an enormous and influential medium; we are all photographers and with our smartphones we continuously take pictures which we upload to the social media. Photography has become an important part of our lives, a universal “language” which everyone understands. 

A professional wedding photographer must stand out: a professional´s images should be more than just “good pictures”. After all everyone is a photographer and has the ability to take sharp and well-lit pictures and most people have an opinion about  photography. 

The task of the wedding photographer is to tell the story of the bridal couple and their families on the special day. This requires the photographer to engage with the couple, not just on the day itself but well in advance. 

The wedding photos will tell the protagonists´ personal story and will not be a standard shoot of a wedding, applicable to any couple getting married.

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