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  1. How involved is the photographer?

    2017-12-31 19:45:01 UTC

    To what extent should the photographer be involved with the couple on the wedding day and the preparations of the wedding?  In a previous blog post I wrote: “The task of the wedding photographer is to tell the story of the bridal couple and their families on the special day.…

  2. How about Susan Sontag in 2017?

    2017-10-21 16:30:40 UTC

    In her famous book, “On photography”, Susan Sontag explains that a photographer ought to be aware of the fact that he or she, in a way, immortalizes the people portrayed The image will exist forever and will not change. What does change is the context in which the photograph is…

  3. WeeGee exposition in Barcelona

    2017-07-26 17:40:00 UTC

    Today I went to a photography exposition of WeeGee at Foto Colectania in Barcelona WeeGee was an American photographer who photographed street scenes at night in New York in the 1940ies. While looking at the superb prints we discussed the question whether he may have staged some scenes.  In my…

  4. How does the photographer prepare for a wedding?

    2017-06-18 13:12:00 UTC

    Apart from the technical issues like equipment, available light in the different venues, the program during the day et cetera, there is, in my opinion, a much more important question: How am I going to capture the couple and their story so that they and their families will recognise themselves…

  5. When is an image a photograph?

    2017-05-11 08:46:00 UTC

    Nowadays we look at our personal images on our computers, tablets and mobile phones. We print occasionally a favorite one and put it on the wall in a nice frame Before the digital era we would look at our photos in a printed form and keep them in a box…

  6. Why should wedding photography be documentary photography ?

    2017-04-26 09:01:00 UTC

    Do you want the story of your marriage day told in images or a mere visual report of events on the day?  Photography has become an enormous and influential medium; we are all photographers and with our smartphones we continuously take pictures which we upload to the social media. Photography…

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