How involved is the photographer?

To what extent should the photographer be involved with the couple on the wedding day and the preparations of the wedding? 

In a previous blog post I wrote: “The task of the wedding photographer is to tell the story of the bridal couple and their families on the special day. “
To live up to that promise the photographer needs to be familiar with the background of the bride and the groom and needs to know who the relatives are, who the (close) friends are etc.

During the preliminary meetings with the bridal couple, I invariably ask questions like: 

1. Are there guests that for some reason must be or can not be photographed? 

2. Is there background information that you think is important for me to know in order to make the best possible visual story of your day? 

3. Who are your closest relatives? 

4. Are there guests who will not be attending the whole celebration and therefore need to be photographed in an early stage of the day? 

5. Could you send me digital images of your relatives and other guests of whom you consider to be very important and would especially like to appear on the photographs ? 

All this information helps me to make a photographic documentary of the wedding.  

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