• Publication in the Volkskrant, a Dutch national newspaper
  • A full-page article in the Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch national newspaper.
  • An article on the website of Omroep West.
  • Another article on the website of Omroep West
  • An article on the website of Den Haag FM.
  • post on the website of Indisch4ever.
  • Video of Theater show Oma Greet Leet Night.
  • Post on the website
  • post on the website of the Dutch Centrum voor Familiegeschiedenis.
  • A long and complete article on the gowiththevlo website.
  • I spoke about the project on national television at  Tijd voor MAX .
  • Omroep West made an endearing reportage.
  • A beautiful article on the unparalleled the blog Messy Nessy Chic.
  • A nice article on the Dutch photography blog Kronkeling.
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