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  1. 24 hours

    2019-09-14 08:59:35 UTC

    One of the perks of being a documentary photographer is that one can tell the story of one’s personal life in photographs I was the team manager of ultra-cyclist Jacques Helderop for his 24 hours race, the 24h Gran Fondo on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.  The task of the team…

  2. How involved is the photographer?

    2017-12-31 19:45:01 UTC

    To what extent should the photographer be involved with the couple on the wedding day and the preparations of the wedding?  In a previous blog post I wrote: “The task of the wedding photographer is to tell the story of the bridal couple and their families on the special day.…

  3. Why should wedding photography be documentary photography ?

    2017-04-26 09:01:00 UTC

    Do you want the story of your marriage day told in images or a mere visual report of events on the day?  Photography has become an enormous and influential medium; we are all photographers and with our smartphones we continuously take pictures which we upload to the social media. Photography…

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