A reflection on my latest book

I’ve made a short video in which I reflect on my latest book, 10 years. The format is a new experience because I am using my own voice. Some friends insisted that I have a pleasant and tranquilizing voice.  In this particular video I speak about the images in the book and why it is set up as it is. I explain why I believe that “less is more” and to what extent there is a logical sequence to the photographs.

The idea is to regularly make this kind of videos. Videos in which I talk about my work, and about photography in general. My aim is to create content with value that viewers can watch for free and to what they may donate to support.

The audio is in Dutch, my mother tongue, and each video will have English and Spanish captions in order to amplify the audience.

Over the last 15 years I have done so many projects and I’ve got so much to tell about it! 

I have a burning desire to share this.

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