Stunning photos

Enter “stunning photography” in Google and you´ll find colourful images of spectacular wide angle landscapes, portraits of mostly young people with flawless skins and other photos with striking colours.
In my opinion the value of these stunning pictures is overrated. I dare say that quite a number of them show similarity; they´ve been edited with the same Iphone/Lightroom etc. filters or they show the same subjects. 

A good photograph should tell a story or serve any other purpose than merely being beautiful and is not necessarily “stunning” in the way I´ve described above. On the contrary; I believe that a nice filter or the use of a wide angle lens distracts from the message or the purpose of the photograph. 

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts  a beautiful picture shows that the photographer is taking a photograph of himself rather than capturing the story of the subject.
I believe that every professional photographer should be capable of taking a “stunning” photo, like a carpenter should be able to build a solid wooden table or a bricklayer should be able to construct a straight brick wall.
In my opinion the task of a good photographer is to tell a story with images in a compelling way. In a way that makes people imagine a story or that conveys a message. 

 A merely beautiful photo is just: A beautiful photo.

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